Sunny Side Up – The Bright Side of Technology in Cricket

Cricket over the years has changed and evolved with time and lets face it there’s nothing in the world that has remained untouched by technology. From a simple bat and ball game, cricket has changed to a game heavily dominated by technology whether it be the Spider Cam , the coloured LED stumps, the hawk eye or the DRS which is still being evolved.

I have read that “Run Outs” played a major role in the first world cup final between Australia and West Indies. Five Australian Batsmen were run out by the WI (I was obviously not born then!). Imagine a run out in today’s times. A run out is never complete without the TV Umpire who only after checking and rechecking the various angles declares a batsmen as out. I am told by my father that back then run outs used to be conferred just by the mutual consent of the on field umpires. There was no means to replay the moment back then but thanks to technology we can always replay the moment again and again these days until we are satisfied! ¬† The moment AB de Villiers was run out by our very own Mohit Sharma in the IND vs SA clash is one of the greatest moments for me in CWC ’15 as a loyal and passionate Indian cricket fan.

Technology needs to be applauded for giving us the most correct and appropriate decisions. Its the need of the hour. Even the DRS has been assisting modern day umpires to make near perfect decisions. Although it has received a lot of criticism I personally feel it can be improved upon and evolved to support the umpiring decisions. What needs to be kept in mind is that technology is our servant and we must never let it become the master!

The advent of cameras in the form of Drone Cameras, Spider Cameras and all varieties that give us all the angles in which the shots are played and even captures the facial expressions of the cricketers has definitely made Cricket very interesting and added to its spice. (Love Virat’s expressions when he celebrates a century.)

Technology has brought the whole cricketing experience very near to us. We can get the live updates, see the highlights or the Live stream on our cellphones whenever we want to and from wherever we are in this world. Its all possible just because of technology. Its always possible to make your day and experience euphoria by replaying the winning six of MSD that made us the 2011 World Cup champions (Again thanks to Youtube – a superb child of Internet). I have replayed that moment a zillion times. And as I write MSD hits another brilliant six to continue India’s winning streak in CWC’15 and beat Zimbabwe. Love our Captain Cool.

Invention is the brainchild of necessity. And technological inventions are just the biggest example. The cricketing equipment is also being heavily influenced by technology whether it be the helmet with the safety stemguard net or the LED Stumps. And this has just added to the attributes of the game. Its always a nice view to get those bails nicked off and see the stumps glittering bright with the LED lights.

The stump mic technology¬† and the snickometer is another interesting tool. Originally developed to capture the sound of the ball touching the bat on its way to the keeper, it also has its funny side. All Indian cricket fans loved Dhoni’s hindi comments in the India vs Ireland Match.

Cricket is a game steeped in tradition yet the question of reliance on constantly evolving technology and using it with prudence is firmly being answered by the many benefits it has in store for the game.

Technology has added a lot to whole modern day cricketing experience. It is the catalyst that needs to be given a lot of credit in making Cricket a true religion followed worldwide.

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Kill the Plans

No matter how solid u plan, u r bound to fail. Because u are not The Creator. It’s always his plans that that get executed through our actions. So, should we stop planning altogether? That’s a big question on my mind.

I have been a good girl throughout. Yet I failed in an Exam that was supposed to kick start my career..So, whats the point? And here I am today wondering what’s gonna happen next. My mom says that life teaches us through our experiences , our encounters. I don’t know what exactly have I learned except for the fact that now I have become more vulnerable and lost faith in PLANNING. I have lost a part of my confidence in that failure. Dunno when I will regain it back.

I have rewritten the exam. Awaiting my results again. But now the question is what next? What kind of suffering is going to embrace me next? Or would it be a blessing , if I take the optimistic boat.

The Bottomline is kill your plans. Atleast that’s a certain thing that failure teaches us. We need to accept that plans have already been made on our behalf. And its the Creator’s Plans that would shape our futures , not ours. Maktub. Sigh.